Competitive Programming Bootcamp

Description Many entry-level computer scientist positions offer a six-figure salary. In order to land such coveted jobs, it is necessary to pass several difficult coding interviews. In this virtual live two-week summer course (3 hrs/weekday), MehtA+ instructors will teach Grades 7-12 students the basics of data structures and algorithms in Python. This camp is designed […]

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Intro to Ethical Hacking Camp

Did you know that cybercrime inflicted damages globally totalling $6 trillion USD, just in 2021? It is necessary to know how to defend oneself against these threats and identify and fix vulnerabilities preemptively. In this 1 week hands-on self-paced course, MIT engineers will teach Grades 7-12 students the basics of penetration testing (ethical hacking), networking,

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AI in Visual Arts Camp

Description Sure, you may have heard about Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Annie Leibovitz, Steven Spielberg. But, have you heard about DALL-E 2? Explore the application of AI to various visual art fields such as drawing, painting, fashion, sculpture, film, in this virtual live spring break camp for 5th – 12th graders, under the tutelage

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