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From the devices we use daily to the innovations shaping our future, AI is everywhere, subtly enhancing our lives in ways both seen and unseen. Get ready to unlock the mysteries behind the fascinating technology, delve into its applications in our everyday world with Miss Paws and Charlie. 

In this 1 week hands-on self-paced virtual course, MIT engineers will teach Grades 3-5 and advanced K-2 students what AI is and how it is used in our daily lives. The course, comprising of lectures and animated cartoons includes several hands-on activities to learn about topics such as facial recognition, object detection, neural networks, decision trees, reinforcement learning, generative AI and recommendation systems. 

The final project will involve with students coming up with an original application for AI. Students who successfully complete the camp will receive a certificate.  

There are two versions of this course – the self-paced course is offered year-round and involves instructor grading of the pitch. The live course is offered a couple of times during the year during the spring and summer.

No prior experience is required. 

What's Included

3 months access

How AI works Lessons

9 hands-on activities

AI Bingo to check understanding

Graded Final Project

Certificate upon completion


Interested students from Grades 3-5 from anywhere around the world are eligible to attend the camp. Mathematically advanced Grades K-2 students are also welcome!

There are 2 versions of the course. The self-paced course is offered year-round and involves instructor grading of the final project. Students will have access to course material for three months. 

The live course is offered a couple of times during the year, either during spring or summer. 

There are no prerequisites, just a willingness to learn. It is a no-code camp, and is designed for students to get exposure to AI.

$50 USD for self-paced version;

$125 USD for live course

While we do not offer financial aid for this course, we have enabled region-based pricing for certain regions in order to make the camp accessible to more students. Please click on “Take this Course” to see the price for your region, which should be in the local currency. If you are not seeing the price in your local currency, please email so region-based pricing can be enabled for your region.

If you are located outside US, please email and we will send you some payment options.


When you attend a MehtA+ camp, mentorship does not end only after camp. Our staff offers college and career advice and company referrals well after the bootcamp. Post the bootcamp, you will be invited to be a part of the international MehtA+ alumni network composed of students from our previous bootcamps. Many of our alumni have attended some of the world’s best universities, including MIT, HarvardCarnegie Mellon and University of Toronto

MehtA+ alumni are invited for teaching and mentorship opportunities with us. These opportunities give students another chance to engage with the material that they have learned through our bootcamps and create their own curriculum under the guidance of MehtA+ instructors. We also invite our alumni to be MehtA+ teaching assistants and tutors.

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